Committed exercisers will tell you the decision to push through a workout on a day where they are tired or coming off a minor injury was worth it and have trained their minds to overcome those days of hesitancy.

So, what about with this smoke? What if I am only slightly affected by this smoke, is it ok to exercise outside in our community? I advise against it. As of today, 9/8/17, has a reading of 208, Very Unhealthy.

Here’s some smart alternatives until the smoke levels become good again.

  • Exercise indoors
  • Head west. A little over an hour drive over Washington Pass can get you into beautiful skies and a hike that will release those endorphins.

Here at NCAC, we have been keeping the indoor tennis and pickleball center doors closed and inside the gym we have changed the air filters regularly.

As always, drink plenty of water, eat plenty of veggies, fruits, n...

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--by Bethany Kirk, Zumba® Fitness and Healthy Hearts instructor


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Want to improve flexibility and strength? Our new TRANSFORM class unites traditional Yoga and sport-influenced movements, such as plyometrics, to provide a unique experience. This class is a great way to incorporate flexibility training into your workout regimen. Not only will your body be transformed, your breath will guide your practices as you venture to a better understanding of the breath/body connection. See you tonight at 5:30pm! Happy Monday.

By Bethany Kirk, Zumba Fitness® and Healthy Hearts Instructor at NCAC

When I joined the gym back in 2008, my goal was solely to fight off my depression. I was pregnant, a newbie to fitness, and life-long exercise hater. Just getting through the door here at North Cascades Athletic Club was a win. I quickly discovered that attending group exercises classes was key to progress toward my goal.

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