--by Bethany Kirk, Zumba® Fitness and Healthy Hearts instructor


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Want to improve flexibility and strength? Our new TRANSFORM class unites traditional Yoga and sport-influenced movements, such as plyometrics, to provide a unique experience. This class is a great way to incorporate flexibility training into your workout regimen. Not only will your body be transformed, your breath will guide your practices as you venture to a better understanding of the breath/body connection. See you tonight at 5:30pm! Happy Monday.

By Bethany Kirk, Zumba Fitness® and Healthy Hearts Instructor at NCAC

When I joined the gym back in 2008, my goal was solely to fight off my depression. I was pregnant, a newbie to fitness, and life-long exercise hater. Just getting through the door here at North Cascades Athletic Club was a win. I quickly discovered that attending group exercises classes was key to progress toward my goal.

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