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5 Reasons to Receive Training from an Expert Olympic Weightlifting Coach

5. You Want to Know “Why?”

There is a lot of information out there, and no shortage of advice on the internet. Any coach can give cues. An expert coach who has been there and done it knows the why. Maybe you are a coach or want to be able to coach others in the sport. There is no better way to learn than under the wing of a pro. Often, athletes trying to implement technique cues or adjustments will feel awkward or weaker doing something that is uncomfortable. There can be an urge to question the coach’s advice and go back to the way they have always done it. Expert coaches not only help with credibility and trust but their experience often helps them get ahead of such doubts by using proper progressions and drills to adapt.

4. You’ve Hit a Ceiling

Are you frustrated with progress? Maybe the great program that worked for others did not work for you? You have put in hours and done the work, but you are not getting the results. Expert coaches have spent countless hours coaching athletes. They not only have an eye for movement but an eye for doing the right thing at the right time for the right person. Athletes are built differently. Athletes have different training ages and responses to stimulus. Expert coaches can cut through the clutter and get you on track for your next PR. A good coach can get the maximum potential out of you.

3. Mental Blocks

Are you missing lifts? Is an opponent living under your bed? The best coaches are also amateur psychologists. They can relate because they have been there. Expert coaches have an extensive toolbox to help lifters get past mental blocks. Their advice is beyond the typical clichés or trends. Sometimes we need that coach who will tell us the truth even if it hurts our feelings. Expert coaches can help you change the channel in your head. A good coach will create a joy of training in an athlete directly through their attitude, energy, and behavior.

2. Safety

Do not be in a race to nowhere. You want to improve your technique and knowledge base. You want to make sure what you are doing now will not wreck you three years from now. Expert coaches help us avoid common pitfalls. Expert coaches help us master the fundamentals. They are also masterful in their knowledge of sensible programming, recovery, and volume. Many coaches can demonstrate a lift that looks right. Only great coaches can help athletes consistently perform lifts that are right for them.

1. Become a Better Athlete

Be better at everything. Need to be faster and more explosive for your sport? Maybe you are a CrossFit athlete who seeks virtuosity and wants to move more efficiently and use less energy. Olympic lifts are a centerpiece of any sport-training program that requires maximum acceleration and power.

When looking for an expert coach seminar or training event consider these factors:

· What was the coach's weightlifting career like as an athlete?

· What competitive lifters has the coach produced?

· What does the coach do for a career?

· What do respected coaches say about their reputation?

Join us Saturday, May 4th, 2019 at 10AM-1: 30 PM for the highly anticipated CrossFit NCAC Olympic Weightlifting Seminar hosted by Michael Cohen Olympic Weightlifting and North Cascades Athletic Club.

Enhance your current training experience with tips from the most decorated coach in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting! Michael’s seminars are designed for all levels of athletes, from beginner to advanced - athlete or coach!

Michael Cohen is a USAW Level 5, Senior International Coach, 1980 Olympian, Head Strength coach for USA Paralympic Basketball and two-time Olympic Head Coach.



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